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Another stop on our wonderful road by Tuscany: Perhaps a little less romantic and less famous mountains and Maremma Valley. Firm and strong as well as women and men who live here; Great and proud like horses who move tirelessly across the landscape. This is a place for camping with fire in an untouched wilderness between Buttery - shepherds, and their amazing horses. This complex and versatile aroma emits the power of the place - filled with fruit and floral tones, which are typical for the landscape of Maremma, along with strong tones of leather and wood. Maremma smell lasts incredibly long. Black flacon contains all the spells of the wild and fascinating earth, one of the least known corners of Italy, but bursts wonders.

Extract perfume with black soul.

Head: bergamot, ylang-ylang, jasmine, blackcurrant
Heart: agar wood, lotus flower, lotus wood, cumin, honey
Base: Petchuli, cocoa dust, sandalwood, pink wood, Ambra