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Warm, sensual tones unrecognized, wild nights. Handy smell of spice, stimulating the influence of roses, ancient and soothing aroma of honey - all of this enhanced by flatting power of fire. Exciting story about a unique and unforgettable experience: the first night spent under the tent in the desert. The darkness and the silence of this magical place excite and fascinating-like the perfume itself from the first tones. Bever, soft Bulgarian roses, who embraces like a warm cloak - a steady calit of feeling. And yet in a sudden flash it becomes a pure darkness, exerting from the depths of unconscious as an ancient fear.
Whenever someone said: If you want to live freely as a bird, then live in the desert, which is great as heaven, has no borders and knows controls. There is the same spirit of infinity in the perfume, mysterious and freedom ... and in it, natural Oud, so precious, plays deep tones of passion and fear of our darkest night.

Extract perfume with white soul.

Head: fir, sand, bergamot
Heart: rose, pepper, pachuli
Base: Ambra, agar wood, honey, musk, sandalwood