Timeless cuts, simple outlines, quality materials. Maximal comfort without compromises. A good feeling that we communicate to the world even without words. Our mission started in 2012, when we opened our first store in Brno. Offering clothes that we personally felt a lack of, so we decided to create our own. Simple, comfortable, lasting. Made locally, with an emphasis on highest possible quality and availability to all age groups. People who like to wear black clothing often live very colourful lives. We live in harmony with all the beauty and adventures that life offers. Every day, we use our freedom of choice actively and responsibly. We respect differences, support all great ideas and stand together side by side even in uneasy times. The freedom of each individual and the power of the pack — that is our motto.

Seemingly simple clothing that motivates to think deeply about what we purchase, and how often. To us, less is more and we prefer to choose wisely. The fashion industry has doubled its production of clothing in the last twenty years, becoming one of the main source of worldwide environmental problems. That is also one of the reasons you won't find an x-amount of new collections full of trendy pieces that would last as long as the ever-changing season. With consideration and thought, we make simple clothing that connects together across years.

Come to our store in Brno or Prague and see for yourself — we will be happy to show you and guide you not only through the clothing we make, but also the philosophy of our brand, our life mission.


We are black soldiers of a better tomorrow. We wear mostly black, but we live very colourful lives. We make non-trendy, timeless clothing. We want you to pick well and to love what you wear.

We are paradise kids, all of us whom the gift of life has been given to. We push each other forward, support any good idea and we speak loud as much as we are able to be together in silence. Run with wolves.

Everything we have produced has been created in our country, we are the territory gang and we think about what we do, responsibly. We want to bring you nothing less than the highest comfort and a good look — the combo that can push you ahead on your daily missions.

We believe in the freedom of each individual and the power of the gang. We believe in true connections, we believe in the gang, we believe in love. We are one world, one gang, Wolfgang.